Cyber Security Maryland Business and Home Office

Avoid Cyber Security Problems, Computer Repair and Data Loss because of cyber attacks. Cyber Security is of the utmost of importance. Protect your self from a cyber attack. Cyber Attacks can cause,network deterioration, loss of data, lost man hours and a whole host of other problems. When trusted with information it is in your best interest to protect there information.

One simple way of helping a against cyber attack is to never operate as an administrator. Always operate as a standard user. This will disallow some simple and malicious viral programs from being installed.
Another way is to filter fishing attacks is by using a DNS filter. You can use OpenDNS. Open DNS adult filter and 208..67.222.123 . Place these filters into the IPV4 manual DNS settings. You can also check out OpenDNS

Another way to guard against cyber attacks is to inspect all wires and cables for devices that are not part of your network. Man in the middle attacks can be initiated by simple generic devices. These devices are pretending to be something else.

Nevertheless, Enhance Cyber Security by running a good firewall. Passwords should be at least 8 characters Upper and lower case with numbers and at least one character. The numbers should never be 123. Never allow or maintain default passwords on any device on your network; However, If you need any assistance or have any questions please check out of Maryland or you can call us at 443-283-2054

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