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Gaming Computer Repair Avoid Heat

Gaming Computer Repair problem Heat is the enemy of gaming computers and electronics. Hardware failures and heat can cause data loss; However, with a gaming computers, make sure that water pump works. This is not always easy to do. Clean Interior areas of the computer often. Monitor Operating temps with […]

5 Great Ways, How To Keep Your Computer Clean & Virus Free 1

Of course the number one thing you have to do to keep your computer clean is to run an up-to-date antivirus. Most any anti-virus programs require a yearly contract; however, there are some good free ones out there. Make sure you contact a computer technician to find out which ones […]

How to avoid Computer Repair & Service

How to avoid Computer service and repair series. Make sure you run a really great anti-virus like Avira . Do not Operate as a administrator. Always operate in a standard user account. Always make sure the administrative account is password-protected. Follow these simple rules and your computer Life will be […]