How to Avoid Data Recovery

How to avoid Data Recovery and Maryland Storms.

Data Recovery Maryland area. We of course can not help you avoid storms; However, we can help you avoid computer repair and Data loss. First, summer storms can cause power outages surges and a lot of other power issues; Therefore, you need a Uninterruptible power supply or UPS for short. This will maintain a steady flow of power to your computer system. It will allow you the time necessary to shut down the system properly. Second you need a sound Backup of your data. You should use the 321 method. The data is store in 3 locations 2 local and 1 remote. The 2 local locations can be your pc and a flash drive or external hard drive. The 1 remote location can be Google Drive, Drop Box and One Drive are some examples. If you are having problems with power and internet connectivity is decent try using Google Keep or Google Docs they will constantly back up any notes or docs as you work. If you have any questions please call us at 443-283-2054 or visit http://AtomicGeeks.comLaptop Problems Laptop Repair Baltimore

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