5 Great Ways, How To Keep Your Computer Clean & Virus Free 1

5 Great Ways To Keep Your Computer Clean

5 Great Ways To Keep Your Computer Clean

Of course the number one thing you have to do to keep your computer clean is to run an up-to-date antivirus. Most any anti-virus programs require a yearly contract; however, there are some good free ones out there. Make sure you contact a computer technician to find out which ones are the best ones for you. Please keep in mind that you’re processing power and the amount of memory on your computer can affect the type of antivirus you need or are capable of running. Almost all antivirus programs require some set up. The best option is your computer will be scanned at least once a week. Some antivirus programs preconfigured to run continuously; however, not all.
The second most important factor in keeping your computer clean is to run windows updates. You must have your operating systems updates enabled and operating at all times. Everyone at some point in time should check to make sure the updates are taking place. This can be easily found in under all programs “Windows Update” Some computers can operate extremely well and/or normal, while updates are not taking place. If your computer is not up to date your computer will be wide open to the latest hacks and exploits that hackers are employing. Your operating system is your first line of defense.
The next most important thing you need to do is to run a program to clean up all temporary files like C cleaner. It is important to get rid of these files at least once a month to once a quarter. C-Cleaner will remove cookies and other unneeded temporary files that can take up space and slow your computer down; however, use with caution.
The next most important things you should do or should not do, is download free programs. The word free should almost be synonymous with virus. There are some free programs that are perfectly fine. I realize that sometimes free programs are necessary; therefore, it is necessary for you to do some due diligence. You will need to determine whether the free program you want is virus free and spyware free.
The next and hardest thing you need to do is to be aware of where you are on the Internet. The internet is a great thing; however, it can be dangerous to your computer’s operating system and the information residing on your computer. The best way to keep your computer safe is to avoid Game sites and adult sites. They are notorious for hosting viruses. Phishing sites are also extremely dangerous. Phishing sites can be avoided, usually by your antivirus web browsing ad on. Please be aware that what you see is not necessarily always the truth. If a program starts or a screen starts that says you are infected it could be just a animation trying to lure you into clicking on something you do not want to click on. When you click on this trap, you have granted permission to an unknown program or virus to modify or infect your system. Sometimes it is just a spyware or minor virus; however, sometimes they are really nasty malware. (Malware stands for malicious software) They can also be known as rogue installers and ransom wares. The ransom ware is very popular and they attempt to extort money out of an individual claiming that the system will be restored to an operational state; however, this rarely happens. If you have a malware or ransom ware you will probably require the help of a experienced technician to help you out.
Please try to follow these five steps. It will help keep your machine clean and you happy. We realize that things like this happen. If your computer does get a malware or a virus it may require a computer technician that can help get your computer back to normal. A quality computer technician can clean up your computer and give you the proper advice to help you keep your computer operating fast and efficiently. This can keep your home, office and/or business computers up and running smooth. If you do find yourself in too deep the faster you act the easier it is fix.

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