Windows 10 Pros and Cons and avoid a Windows 10 repair rev.2

How to avoid Windows 10 repair problems

In order to avoid Windows 10 repair problems in Maryland and the rest of the world. You should first know some of the Pros and cons of Windows 10. Released by Microsoft in July 2015 as their last operating system. We will see how that goes. It has had a few major updates so far and appears to be the New Coke of operating systems.

Windows 10 Pros

1) The return of the desktop. Yes the desktop is back. It can be turned off if you if you like it or If you are using a tablet or some other similar touchscreen device. This is really good news for the business community who has been extremely slow at adopting the start screen.

2)Cortana is Microsoft’s answer to Siri. The voice recognition of Cortana is good; However, in my opinion it is no where near as good as Siri’s.

3) A very nice pro is that Windows 10 is fairly light weight; Therefore, it does not take up as much memory and/or require as much processing power.

4)Windows 10 is much easier to find programs desktops control panel etc. compared to Windows 8. The general design of windows 10 is similar to Windows 7. Press the windows and x at the same time and you can get anywhere.

5)New and improved voice recognition makes it very nice for dictating notes documents etc. with no third-party software required.

Windows 10 Cons

1) The upgrade process can be extremely slow. DATA MUST BE BACKED UP BEFORE INSTALLATION!!! There have had cases where data is lost during the upgrade process.

2) Windows 10 requires a stream lining of the operating system on lower end processors.

3) Windows 10 appears to be stable now; However,it is a Microsoft product, so who knows where that will lead.

4)The upgrade process can fail. If it fails it is difficult, if not impossible, to recover the system to a pre-installation state; Nevertheless, it is not impossible to get your system back up and running with a experienced technician.
5) If you upgrade to Windows 10 and the Windows 10 becomes corrupt. A Windows 10 repair will require purchase of Windows 10 License.

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